Dress // ZARA
Bag // SheIn
Shoes // ZARA (very old)
Hair band // ZARA (very old)

I was a teenager, 13-14, when I first read Shakespeare's book about Giulietta's tragic story and her love for Romeo. They were both my age, they fell madly in love, they were each other's first love, opposed their families' wishes and ended their lives... by mistake. When we are young, love is intense, a new terrifying feeling, that makes the world look different, more colorful and at the same time more dramatic. It's so beautiful, if you think about it, that you want to hold it forever. And if someone wants to take it away from you, is your worst enemy. 

Ever since, I have been imagining how life would be for Giulietta and Romeo, if they had survived this madness and had grown older, together or apart. Life is beautiful, life is short, life is precious. The sooner we realize, the happier we become. 

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke