Walk-In Closet 🌺 Spring Update // How I Switched My Style


Spring cleaning is always a good idea to re-arrange my walk-in closet, by displaying different skirts and dresses, shoes and accessories on the racks and shelves. In my previous post, I talked about the process that I follow to organize and decorate my closet, and you can see it here.

Today, I would like to talk about how I switched my style, from "whatever it was" to girly and romantic. It's a question I get quite often on Instagram and many of my readers/followers seem very confused on how to achieve it. I am no expert, I am not a fashion stylist, however, what I can do is to share my own journey, how I moved from a style that included almost everything, from baggy jeans to high waisted skirt and from basic t-shirts to fairytale heels, to a personal style with a clear identity and distinctive signature. I was almost 35 when I decided to make the switch, which meant that I already owned a big amount of clothes and accessories that I could keep for a smoother transition without spending too much money. 

1. First thing I did, was to separate and keep all the classics I already owned: a little black dresse, my white shirts, blazers in basic colors (black, white, powder pink and red), heeled pumps (all colors), ballet flats, a black and beige trench coat, waisted long coats, pant suits, jumpsuits etc. 
2. Then, I got rid of all the items I wasn't going to wear anymore by donating most of them to people I know they wanted them and selling some that were in a great condition (worn 0-3 times). The damaged ones were recycled (H&M recycle). - I am still doing all these (donating-selling-recycling) 3-4 times every year. I hate hoarding and this way I keep room for new things to buy
3. Every month, I disposed a small budget of 30-90 eur to get something new from the new style I wanted to acquire. ZARA, ASOS and H&M have very pretty and low-budget items for all styles, ages and bodies. 

Hope this helped! Please feel free to ask me if you need further help and information
|barefoot duchess|

Photos by me