Farmer's Market

Dress // SheIn
Shoes // Soludos
Hat // Zara (old)
Bag // Zara (old)

Today I am celebrating my 42nd birthday! The entire month of June is a month of happiness and joy for me (not that the rest of the year is any different...), but I am one of those people who enjoy growing up, growing older, growing in general. I am grateful for everything that I have, for the decisions I have made so far, for all the times I stood up for myself and I will continue to do so against all odds, for smiling even when I am not at my best, for the people I choose to have in my life. 

I will continue to learn, to listen, to speak up against injustice and discrimination of all kinds, to stand for my values, for freedom, for all men and women. Especially women. And those who think that their freedom is bigger or more important than mine or yours, I will be here to remind them that "Your freedom ends where mine begins".

My wish for my birthday is that every person has the right to be who they want to be by respecting and supporting that privilege and right for everyone else! Whatever you want for yourself you should wish for it for all people. 

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke