Aquazzura Shoes

If I could, I would, but, unfortunately, I can't... If I was able to spend 500-1,200 euro on a single pair of shoes, that pair would definitely be by Aquazzura. The first person I saw wearing this brand and draw my attention towards them was the fashionista Olivia Palermo and then I saw Meghan Markle wearing the iconic Bow Tie Suede Pumps in almost every color! 

I find them elegant yet very modern, but not in the way that next year they will be out of style, which actually makes them classic! Does that make any sense to you? Also, very unique and close to my personal style. 

Would you invest that amount of money on shoes? And if yes, why? For a special occasion or to wear at the office?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via the Aquazzura website