Paris Couture Week Spring 2011 // Elie Saab

Since Elie Saab skipped the Fall 2020 Couture Paris Fashion Week, obviously due to the outbreak of Covid-19, by showing just a 3-minute preview video of his upcoming collection, scheduled to be revealed in September, I decided to share with you one of his Couture collections that made me fall in love with his work. 

Back in 2011, I had just left my job in advertising and entered the limbo of infertility treatments, which translated to plenty of free time to entertain myself. I hate watching TV (no, binge watching HBO and Netflix series is not what I call traditional TV, just to make that clear) and I have always been a huge admirer of fashion, especially Haute Couture. Navigating Vogue's "Fashion Shows" section, I clicked on Elie Saab's latest collection for Spring 2011. And that was that! 

The colors, the shapes but especially the flower embellishments caught my eye. It was something that I hadn't seen before, not to this extent and not in an entire collection! In the years to come, Saab became one of my favorite designers and one of those that I am always looking forward to seeing their upcoming collections. 

See the entire collection here

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Photos via Vogue