Wear A Mask. It's Important

Ever since the first Covid-19 cases were announced in Greece, back in February 2020, I started wearing face masks; in the subway, at the supermarket, at the pharmacy, basically anywhere I would spend time indoors with other people. I continued wearing them even when WHO announced that it was not necessary for civilians to wear one unless there was a serious reason, like being infected or visiting a hospital or taking care of someone else who was infected. 

Even after the lockdown measures were lifted, I kept wearing them and I still do, whether it is mandatory or not. Truth is that I am not planning to stop wearing face masks any time soon. Since the new coronavirus is still here, there is no treatment yet and the vaccine is going to take some time to make and test out before releasing it to the public, the least I can do for myself and the people around me is to wear a mask, keep the physical distancing guidelines, wash my hands and avoid touching my face (or the mask). 

I prefer the re-usable ones, since you can wash them in 60 degrees and wear them again and again without creating more waste. The one I am wearing on the photo was sent to me by Ko.Misses and I adore it. 

Please wear a mask. For yourself. For your loved ones. For everyone. It's important

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by me