Daily Look // August.06


Koroni Castle, Messinia, Greece. Who would have thought, that, in my 40s and during a pandemic, I was going to have the best summer vacation ever! 

1| After almost 20 years, we avoided traveling by ferry, because we didn't want to contract the virus and be isolated in an island. Being on a boat is very stressful for me; by the moment I step my foot on it I start feeling dizzy and after arriving to land for a couple of days it feels like I am floating. 
2| Without much of an effort, we found beautiful sandy beaches with serene light blue waters that were not crowded due to the Covid-19 prevention guidelines and restrictions. It was like Paradise on earth
3| We visited castles and archaeological sites in the Southwest Peloponnese, like Koroni, Methoni and Nestor's Palace*, which is something I truly enjoy 

*travel diaries about our summer trips will be up soon on the blog

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by The Duke, via my Instagram