Petrol Pleats & Ruffles

Top // ZARA
Skirt // ZARA
Bag // SheIn
Belt // H&M 
Hair Clip // ZARA
Shoes // H&M

At the sweet age of 12, exactly 30 years ago, my top right dogtooth was growing while the primary one hadn't even started to wiggle. My mother explained to me that it was very important to remove the baby tooth, so that the new one can take its place, so, since I couldn't do it then a dentist should remove it. I panicked, however I realized that it should be removed the soonest possible. 

Right after the surgery, the dentist discussed with my mom the possibility of me wearing braces... They concluded that we should wait for a while and then decide what to do. To cut the long story short, I never wore braces or retainers and, since then, I haven't stopped smiling big. 

Whenever someone asked me why I didn't straighten that tooth, which I think it is something very rude to say, I replied: Because that's the way I like it. The way I like ME!

I am so happy that my mom did not follow the trend back then and that my teeth and my smile is unique and so different.  

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke