Daily Look // September.13


Academia, Athens, Greece. Whenever I see, walk by, go in, discuss about a University, I always, ALWAYS, remember my time as a Uni student, when, I believe, had the best years of my life. Most of it was carefree, full of new experiences, new friendships, a little bit of drama, a lot of exams and, of course, the Duke. Also, there were a few unfortunate events, one of them almost claimed my life, but I will write about that in another post. Today, however, I wanted to share with you a minor incident that I got careless and naive, and could have easily escalated into something serious, if the circumstances and those involved were slightly different. 

About 20 years back, in my senior year at the University of Patras, I was going out with one of my friends, Katerina, for "meze" and wine on a Thursday evening. Although she had a car, we decided to walk there, since we were both going to drink alcohol. Do you see how responsible and mature we 20somethings were? Ok, wait for it...

When we opened the door of the building that my flat was, we realized that it was raining heavily and that the streets had turned into small rivers! Both shocked and very annoyed about this "surprise", we were trying to figure out how to get there without getting soaking wet, when two other girls, about our age, came out that same door and said: "We can take you with our car and drop you off wherever you are going". Katerina and I, super thankful and excited, said YES simultaneously and hopped into their car. Bye bye responsibility... 

Thankfully, those girls were telling the truth and they actually drove us to the restaurant. We thanked them and then went inside. While I was taking off my coat, it suddenly hit me, like a bolt! I actually heard it. I looked at my friend in dread (A-ngeliki is me, K-aterina is my friend)

A: Did you realize what we just did??
K: Oh, no! Did we forget to thank them?!
A: No, no, we did thank them. Maybe a dozen times! But I just realized that we got in and out of a car, with two strangers that claimed they would take us WHEREVER we wanted... What if... Do you see what we just did?
K: (Opened her eyes and mouth in shock)

This is called "textbook stupidity", look it up. I can't even imagine what would have happened, if those girls were not simply nice and thoughtful. We were so stupid but also super lucky that they actually did what they said they would. I think I will never forget it. Have you ever been THAT stupid in your early adult life? 

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by The Duke, via my Instagram