Facial Roller // What it is & How to use it


I received my first facial roller in a Summer Beauty Press Kit that Lierac Paris sent me back in June and I was really excited because I was planning to buy one to try. So, let's see what this new gadget is about and how to use it. 

What it is
It is a tool; a supportive beauty tool, like makeup brushes and sponges or like de-makeup cotton pads. You should not expect it to make your wrinkles disappear. It's not a magic wand. You should see it a workout tool for your skin

How to use it
You roll from the center of your face (chin/forehead/temples/around the mouth) and outwards, spreading your serum/cream/oil. That way you allow the product to go deeper into your skin. Use gentle moves. Don't rub it up and down. Think of it as a soft massage

When to use it
Preferably in both your day and night routine in order to enhance the absorption of your beauty serums, creams and oils. Use it after you apply the products on your skin

Where to find it
Mine (photo) is no longer available, since it was a limited edition gifted at selected pharmacies with every Lierac Paris purchase. But you can find it online or in store at Sephora Greece in Rose Quartz, in Jade and in Amethyst. You can also find more options at ASOS, see below: 

Have you been using a facial roller? If not, are you planning to get one? 
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Photo by me via my Instagram