The Makeup Diaries // Vol.1


It's been quite some time now that I've been sharing the makeup products I am using on my Instagram, either on my stories (I keep them on a highlight for you to check out anytime you like) and/or my feed, especially those I enjoy using. Since not everyone has (or likes) Instagram, I decided to share them here too. 

For my look on the photo above, the makeup products I used and are worth mentioning, were: 

☆FOUNDATION| Nars Sheer Glow (Fiji). It is creamy and very easy to work with, easily blendable even with a beauty sponge; it has a medium but buildable coverage. The result is very natural and delicate, making the skin looking smooth and glowy. I use 2-3 pumps depending the day and the needs of my skin; for example, if I have a rosacea rush on my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, I use 3 pumps, and in this photo, this is one of those days. On the cons, you need to buy the pump separately, which I really don't understand, why an expensive beauty product doesn't have its own pump attached on or given for free. It really makes no sense to me. 

☆EYELINER| Catrice Brush Ink (Black). Very easy to apply, waterproof, doesn't move around, doesn't make a mess after wearing it long, it's vegan and very affordable, I got it @ Hondos Center for 5,69 euro! 

☆MASCARA| Benefit Roller Lash (Black). To be honest, I expected a more impressive result on the curling of the lashes. However, I think it is a good mascara. Two layers on each eye were more than enough to make my lashes look separated and black.

☆LIPSTICK| YSL Rouge Volupté Shine (44 Nude Lavallière). Extremely soft on the lips, very hydrating and smells amazingly! Feels like a balm, but better. Mine is very close to my natural lip color and I wear it with a lip liner from Milani, 04 All Natural, in order to give shape to my lips. 

Have you tried any of them? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments! 

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by me, via my Instagram