Hair // Tips & Secrets


My hair. I love it, I take care of it, but most importantly, I don't torture it (much). 

Disclaimer: I am not sharing tips as an expert or a professional but as someone who loves (and has) healthy, shiny, strong and very very long hair. 

Tip #1 // Marina, Marina, Marina. After many years of research and many disappointments (and tears...) I found a hairdresser suitable for me. Marina LOVES long "Rapunzel" hair as much or maybe slightly even more than I do. She is not chasing me around to cut it and whenever I ask her to, she usually replies: "Not now, it's perfectly fine, I will let you know when the time comes!" Can you even imagine?! The first time she said that, I couldn't believe in my ears! She is the person that grooms my hair for 14 years now and is the only hairdresser I have met in my life that when I say "I want you to cut it 3 cm" she cuts it for 3 cm. For real!

Tip #2 // Greasy hair, don't care. I let it get greasy, and it's OK. Just give your hair an extra day. Wash it on Day4, instead of Day3. A ponytail, a braid or a tight updo with a few spritzes of dry shampoo to the roots will do the work. Washing your hair too often may damage rather than benefit your hair. 

Tip #3 // Wear a mask. No, seriously. Not only wear a mask on your face when leaving your house to stay safe from Covid-19, but also apply a hair mask at least once a week. Depending on your hair's needs, you might need it twice a week, so I suggest you discuss it with your hairdresser.

Tip #4 // Essential oils. On wet hair, just before I blow dry it, I apply hair oil and a special heat protecting product, because hair-dryers and other heated hairstyling tools/appliances can easily damage hair if you don't shield it. 

... and a Secret // Not your typical kind of Rapunzel. I don't brush my hair daily! Apart from when I wash it in order to apply my haircare products (mask, oil) and while styling it, I don't brush it! After I wake up in the morning, I run my fingers through it just to untangle any knots, but I don't use a brush or a comb. Also, when wet, I use Tangle Teezer, no just any regular brush. 

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Photo by me, via my Instagram