Caudalie Beauty Elixir // What it is & How to use it


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According to Caudalie's website, their famous Beauty Elixir was inspired by the Youth Elixir of the Queen of Hungary in the 16th century.  Before getting into detail on what this product is and how to use it, let's go through some very interesting facts about this multi-tasking mist. 

The Legend & the Recipe
Hungary water (sometimes called "the Queen of Hungary's Water") was one of the first alcohol-based perfumes in Europe, primarily made with rosemary. The oldest surviving recipes call for distilling fresh rosemary and thyme with brandy, while later formulations contain wine, lavender, mint, sage, marjoram, costus, orange blossom and lemon

The exact date of invention is lost in history, though some sources say it dates back to the late 14th century. It is equally unclear who in particular created it. According to legend, it was formulated at the command of the Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, by a court alchemist or a monk-alchemist. 

Hungary water was also used during the late 17th century as a form of medicine. Similar to other herb and flower-based products, it was also a valuable remedy, with recipes advising the user to wash with it to receive the most benefit. It was recommended to be added to other prepared distilled waters to use when washing ones face in order to help prevent irritation and breakouts. Last but not least, it was even thought to help people maintain youthful appearance and beauty. - source Wikipedia

What it is - Ingredients & Benefits
Apart from some of the elements of the medieval recipes that were retrieved, Beauty Elixir is a mist that contains natural ingredients that brighten and sooth the skin, such as rosemary essential oil (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial), green grape (boosts radiance, moisturizes), peppermint essential oil (tones, awakens skin), rose essential oil (calms the skin, helps with rosacea), musk rose oil (regenerates new cells, wrinkle prevention) and myrrh oil (tonifies). - source Caudalie

In other words:
✔Tightens the pores
✔Smooths fine lines
✔Protects from irritations
✔Refreshes and hydrates the skin
✔Gives a burst of radiance
✔Sets the makeup

How & When to use it 
First of all, the most important thing you remember is that you have to shake it well before using it so that the oils and essences inside the bottle blend well together. Close your eyes and spritz onto the face and décolleté, taking a moment so it can settle down before opening your eyes. For me, the scent is too strong and a bit "grassy", but compared to the benefits of this elixir for my skin that awkward smell is something I can tolerate! Besides, it doesn't last very long. 

The many ways to use the Beauty Elixir - and my own personal experience:

- As a toner. 
You can add it in your morning routine to awaken and brighten the skin, before applying makeup or simply your day cream or your sun screen. However, if you are sensitive to strong scents especially in the morning, maybe you should avoid it 

- To set your makeup. 
I use it almost every time I wear makeup, because it locks everything in and lasts for hours. Three spritzes are more than enough, one on my forehead and the other two on my cheeks. And don't forget, eyes must be closed, it contains alcohol

- Spray on your décolleté and neck to refresh and soothe the senses. 
I never do that because most of the time I wear a perfume and I don't want to mix them, but you can try it and see if it suits you

- Use it any time of the day to tighten pores and give an immediate burst of radiance. 
I use it during my morning routine to tighten the pores and brighten the skin and after I apply my make up to set it and help my skin look radiant. I rarely use it during the day, only to refresh my makeup, but as I already said, you can try it and find out if this works for you

- Store in the fridge for a cooling effect. 
It already feels very cool when you apply it straight from the bottle, like a morning drizzle, but if you want it even cooler, then why not keep it in your fridge

- Revitalise tired travel skin. 
I always have a bottle inside my travel beauty kit

- Keep it by your desk and spritz to awaken the senses. 
One thing is for sure; if you are feeling sleepy after lunch, one spritz will definitely wake you up! That smell is invigorating

- Cool and refresh post-workout skin.
I never, ever, do that. Skin is dirty after a workout (sweat, dust etc.) and pores are widely open so I'd rather clean and wash my face before applying anything that contains alcohol

- After make-up removal in the evening - it effectively brightens the complexion.
I don't do that either, but you should definitely try

+ Extra tip for the boys: you can use it as an after-shave to soothe the skin from any irritations 

Let me know if you used it or if you have any other uses to share
*This is NOT a sponsored post*

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