ABH Soft Glam Palette // Review

This beautiful eyeshadow palette with the catchy name Soft Glam and the very warm brown, orange and golden colors had been on my radar for quite some time. Once I found it on sale @ Sephora, I was so excited and had no second thoughts buying it. 

I just couldn't wait to try it after seeing it on so many YouTube makeup tutorials, however, when the time came and I first touched the shade Orange Soda with my brush it scattered literally EVERYWHERE! I was shocked!! Although I am very light handed, I thought at the time that I did something wrong and maybe forced it harder than usual. But when I touched another shade (Burnt Orange) the exact same thing happened; the shadow turned into a talk-y mess and scattered everywhere... - As you can see in the photo above, I had lightly touched it with the brush. 

Nevertheless, apart from the "kickback" disaster, which unfortunately happens with all the shadows on this palette, there are also some very good things I have to say about them: 

☆They have amazing color performance. All of them, both mattes and shimmers
☆They don't move around, they don't melt, they don't run. After many hours, the only thing still standing on my makeup look is the ABH Soft Glam eyeshadows
☆You can create many looks, from cool to very warm toned and from a smokey to a natural, with different intensity. An eyeshadow palette that covers many needs and tastes 


Tip 1: If you don't want to spend that much money to buy it, you can wait until it is on sale or you can get the mini version instead
Tip 2: In case you decide to buy it, shake off the product from your brush before applying it on your eyes, in order to avoid any fall out which might ruin your entire makeup

Have you tried it? Have you experienced the same problem, the kickback? 
|barefoot duchess|

Photos by me, via my Instagram

Orange Soda (lid) - Burnt Soda (crease) - Glistening (inner corner) - Bronze (outer corner)