Divine Seeds Serum & Night Mask // Review


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Divine Seeds came to my attention around Easter, when they reached out to send me their products. It's a Greek company that made its first steps in the beauty industry couple of months ago, with premium quality vegan face care products, based on the benefits deriving from prickly pears and artichokes, among others. 

Out of the three products they sent me, I picked two of them to try: the Skin Transforming Serum, because, to me, the serum always makes a difference, and the Skin Calming Overnight Mask, because I have rosacea and the word "calming" won my heart!  

Skin Transforming Serum
With anti-ageing ingredients and Hyaluronic acid, the serum is amazing, just like other premium quality serums I have tested in the past. It's not sticky, you can apply it easily and, apart from my face, I spread it also to my neck and décolleté. 
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Skin Calming Overnight Mask
With antioxidants Νiacinamide and Vitamin C and essential Ω3-6-9 fatty acids, the night mask is dreamy! Once pumped out it looks blue, but when applied it turns transparent, leaving a thin protective layer on the skin and smells like something fresh you would love to eat (but, please, don't!). I spread it all over my face, neck and décolleté, just like I do with the serum.
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Together, those two, are magic! Every morning my skin feels soft and resilient and the fine lines look blurred. Now, after many months of using them both every night, before bed, I can honestly say this is one of the best skincare treatments I have ever tried! 

Both of them have a pump, which means that you can control the amount you want to use and you won't miss a single drop! From the serum I use 2 pumps, while from the mask just 1 pump. 

Have you heard Divine Seeds? Have you tried them?
*This is NOT a sponsored post*

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