Kerameikos Archaeological Site // Photo Diary


The Marble Taurus of Kollytos

About this very important archaeological site (or park, as they also call it) I found out quite recently and the first thing I wanted to do is to go see it myself and so I did! 

Here lies the most important cemetery of ancient Athens, where Pericles delivered his famous Epitaph to honor the dead Athenians during the Peloponnesian War. This is also where Iera Odos (The Sacred Way) begins, which was a road of 22km that led to Eleusina (or Elefsina) and Thriasio Field, where the Eleusinian Mysteries (sacred rituals) were taking place every year in the name of ancient goddess Demetra (or Demeter), protector of agriculture and the fertility of the earth, and her daughter Persephone, who was abducted by Hades and then became his wife. Another very important ancient building, Pompeiion was sited here, where they prepared for any worshiping parades, including that of Panathinaia. Last but not least, you will also be able to see the remnants of the river Eridanus and many very cute turtles!

Within the park there is also the Museum of Kerameikos, which unfortunately was closed at the time we visited, due to the Covid-19 health restrictions. 

There is so much history in this archaeological, so many important aspects of the Athenian every day life (and death), which, I believe, is a great way to spend your Sunday

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Photos by me

Pamphile & Demetria grave (sisters)

Graves of Nobles

Graves located near the Museum

Death Columns and Statue

Death Columns, Statues and the Great Dane

Where Iera Odos (The Sacred Way) begins - Parthenon on the background

Equestrian Dexileo's Grave

Family Grave

River Eridanus or what's left of him* (*yes he was a man, son of Oceanus)

Part of Pompeiion

Taurus & The Great Dane as 'watchers' on the Road of the Graves