The Makeup Diaries // Vol.4


Maybelline NY and L'Oreal Paris have always been two of my top favorite makeup brands! I have been using their products for almost 3 decades non-stop. This is NOT SPONSPORED, and what I will be sharing is my very own personal experience and opinion. 

To begin with, the EYELINER. In the photo I am wearing Maybelline's HyperEasy in the shade Pitch Brown. I also have it in black, but I decided that brown matched better with this look. It is super easy to use, has longevity and stays put all day long. If you don't have a steady hand like me and you want a thin but visible line on top of your eyelashes and a value-for-money quality product, I am sure that you will appreciate it!


Followed by, the MASCARA. There is no other like L'Oreal's Lash Paradise, here in the shade Black Brown. I also have it in classic Black but I recently bought it also in Intense Black. Whenever I need perfect, dreamy, fairytale eyelashes and no time to waste, this mascara will never let me down! In either shade the result is the same the only thing changing is the intensity of color. I always stock up during sales, although it is not expensive at all. If you like your lashes curled but not looking fake, thick but not stack together and with longevity (no fall out, not racoon eyes etc.) you will fall in love with this mascara!


Last but not lease, I have to talk about the LIPSTICK. I recently discovered the Color Riche Satin range by L'Oreal Paris. They belong to the well-known Color Riche lipstick family the only difference is that the Satin ones feel softer, creamier and more hydrating. I bought four (yes, they are so good) and the one I am wearing in the photo is the shade 110 Made in Paris, a bright and warm pinkish mauve, my favorite color for fall and winter. 


Tell me about your L'Oreal and Maybelline favorites! 

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by me, via my Instagram