Plaid & Simple

Knit // ZARA (old, similar here and here)
Trousers // ASOS 
Shoes // ZARA (old, similar here and here)
Bag // ZARA (similar here and here)
Scarf // ZARA (similar here)
Bracelets // Massimo Dutti & Baccarat (old, similar here and here)
Watch // Massimo Dutti (old, similar here and here)
Sunglasses // ZARA (similar here)

This blog has become, among other things, my great excuse to wear things I cannot or would not dare to wear in my daily life. For a change, I decided this time to shoot a daily outfit. Yay! If you see me outside on a regular day, this is how I will probably look like: The base is usually black - I have loads of black clothes - with a complementary color coming from my accessories, either bright or neutral - or both, in this case!

Not in the greatest creativity mode this past Sunday, I went the safe way and picked a regular-day-outfit to shoot in black, nude and red. Red; what a beautiful, fiery, vivid color! I am always surprised of what a mood-lifter a single piece can be, even a tiny little bag. Lately, plaid scarves have become my obsession. They can elevate a simple look immediately and keep you warm and cozy in the cold.

Is your daily style simple? Or do you opt for more extravagant looks?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke