My Winter Closet + Age Shaming


Couple of days ago, while scrolling on Facebook before I went to bed, I bumped into an article posted by a well known Greek "lifestyle" page, with the following title: 
"What you should NEVER wear again, after turning 30, 40 and 50"... 

I could not believe my eyes! After all these years, discussions upon discussions, fiery feminist speeches and countless women who lost their jobs, their freedom, their lives so that other women in the future receive equal treatment and respect in a male-dominated society, this article was considered by the chief editor as "good to write and publish"? An article abundant in ageism (aka age shaming) 

You are being categorized by your age, depending on the decade you are going through, and, according to that article, which was written by a woman to address other women, some clothes are considered "forbidden", if you want to think of yourself as stylish

I am really sorry, but to have someone in 2021 telling me what I can and CANNOT wear EVER AGAIN in my 40s, I consider it humiliating and insulting. It is a different thing to give suggestions on what to wear depending on the occasion or the time of year, and another depending on my age. Ageism is unacceptable and insulting, like all discriminations. 

Wear whatever you like and suits you well and makes you feel beautiful and NOT what others tell you that "suits" your age. Especially, not that. 

|barefoot duchess|

*το κείμενο στα ελληνικά, θα το βρείτε κάνοντας κλικ εδώ

Photos by me via my Instagram