Next Station: Winter Pastels

Jacket // ZARA (similar here)
Skirt // TopShop (similar in black here)
Scarf // ZARA
Bag // ZARA (similar here)
Shoes // Kurt Geiger (old, similar here)
Bangles // H&M

I 've always loved trains, watching them passing by or just being inside one. All kinds; the railways, the subways, I find them so romantic... I also find pastel colors romantic, but who doesn't! So, once wearing romantic colors there is one place to do a photoshooting: a train station!

2013's winter was all about pink. Love it but doesn't look good on me, so I did not follow that trend. On the other hand, blue is my color and the baby blue version is one of my favorites. I have tons of clothes in this shade and really enjoy matching it with white and cream. I find this color combination very flattering for blondes, unlike pink, which I think works better for brunettes. Please don't get me wrong, this in my personal opinion and mine only, you don't have to agree with me.

What is YOUR favorite pastel color or combination?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke