Shirt // ZARA (old, similar here and here)
Trousers // Stradivarius (similar here and here)
Shoes // ZARA (similar here and here)
Blazer // Cyberg Wear (old, similar here and here)
Head-scarf // Stradivarius (similar here)
Backpack // TOUS (very very old)
Crop Top // ZARA (similar here)

Although this is the first outfit post of 2014, it had been shot back in December, when my hair still looked blonder and slightly longer... Back then, I was doing some closet re-arrangements in order to make some space for the heavy coats and jackets to come out, when I bumped into my favorite black TOUS teddy backpack, which I bought over a decade ago. Feeling ecstatic about this discovery, I decided to create an outfit.

What else could work better with a teddy backpack than a schoolgirl outfit! So, I tried to remember what I really liked to wear back in high-school and went for it! A pony tail was a prerequisite for my mom to let me grow my hair long (please, don't ask...), a white clean-cut shirt, a pair of jeans (no, mom would never allow me to buy or wear shredded clothes) and a pair of fancy sneakers. The yellow blazer and the daisy head-scarf are the touch-ups I wished to, but wouldn't dare add.

Did you have a personal favorite uniform back in high-school?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke