Nautical Stripes

Blazer // ZARA (similar here)
Shirt // ZARA
Culottes // ASOS
Shoes // thanks to SANTE SHOES
Bag // ZARA
Bracelets // ZARA
Necklace // Stradivarius (old, similar here)

Spring is officially here! During the day, the sun is shining and it is so warm outside, but when the sun goes down the temperature drops by 10+ Celsius degrees, so we have to be careful not to catch a cold... I can't stay in bed with this weather, right?? That day of the shooting I was in the mood taking a walk by the sea, so hubby took me to Flisvos Marina, which is in a short distance from our apartment by car. And what else to wear by the sea but something nautical, like blue & white stripes. A pair of tailored culottes, heeled sandals, white faux jewelry and a navy handbag completed my ladylike look, perfect for a sunny Sunday stroll by the sea with my Duke.

I love this city, the city of Athens and the fact that I live in the heart of it. You can visit so many places in a very short time, in a walking distance or by using the subway. I am a 'people' person, I don't like silence and I love going shopping anytime I feel like.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke