Makeup Removers // Review

I am a sucker for Sephora products, ever since I discovered them, more than a decade ago. Many people think that since they are something like "private label" products they are not as effective and secure as their branded and highly advertised equivalents, but in my opinion as a beauty consumer this so not true! After years and years of trying out beauty products to find the best for my skin and needs, I have two things to say about Sephora: 100% effective and skin friendly.

*2 in 1 Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Gel*
I was reluctant to use it at first, because for some reason I was terrified by the fact that it was a gel! I thought that my eyes would hurt and get irritated, but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It is very gentle and effective, since it removes eye makeup almost instantly, so there is no need for rubbing. It is actually really refreshing and "eye-opening", takes off 99% of the eye makeup. A single pump for each eye is more than enough which translates to a longer lifespan!

*Radiance Cleansing Foam*
I am a huge fan of foamy face cleansers and this one is one of my favorite along with Garnier's Pure Active Fruit Energy. Love them because they are like gadgets and when I press the pump the foam comes out! I spread it on my face and after a gentle massage I rinse with water. The skin feels so clean and refreshed, ready to get hydrated.

Have you ever tried Sephora products? Did you like them?

|barefoot duchess|

Important Notice: These are NOT sponsored posts. I have purchased the products with my own money and the review is 100% based on my personal experience.