Me & My 'Monkey'

Skirt // ASOS
Hat // ASOS
Bag // TOUS (old, similar here)
Top // ZARA (old, similar here)
Boots // ZARA (old, similar here)
Belt // ZARA (old, similar here)

I am pretty sure that many of you have made at least one expensive buy, which the very next morning you regretted... But there was no way you could get your money back (sales period?) or exchange it for something else (lost the receipt?), so somehow you got stuck with it... And this (poor thing) got stuck at the bottom of the darkest place inside your closet and, thank Goodness, you totally forgot about it! Then, one day, months (or even years) later, it was time to clean up that crowded closet and suddenly you had a revelation: That impulse buy wasn't that bad after all =)

This is more or less what happened to me and my monkey, I mean my teddy. I bought it on sale, got off budget, then few days later regretted it so badly, that I put it somewhere I couldn't see it because it really (I mean really) upset me...

It's been less than a year that I found it and I am thrilled! It was a limited edition statement piece, which I am really glad I bought and eventually kept. So this is my advice to you: Wait a year or two before you throw or give away expensive pieces that you THINK you don't like anymore. Just wait. You might grow up liking them in the end...

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke