Fall 2015 Prêt-à-Porter // Dolce e Gabbana

For some reason, Domenico and Stefano dedicated their latest Fall collection to me. They know that I love flowers and dresses so they created this 91-piece collection especially for me! Aaaand, THIS is what people call daydreaming...

Back to reality now. There is no way I can afford to buy anything from this runway, not even the hairpins that the models are wearing on their hair! However, it is free of charge to get inspired and create outfits or add some more affordable pieces to my fall wardrobe. I spotted some serious floral numbers, a bunch of very elegant LBDs and 3 classic knee-length coats in black, white and blush.

This particular collection was dedicated to Mothers, so apart from the models walking down the runway holding their babies and toddlers in matching outfits, Dolce e Gabbana also created pieces inspired from children's drawings (maybe 'stolen' from Angelina's wedding veil?)

Viva La Mamma!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via Vogue. Collages by me.