Gigi Hadid // Models

I rarely write about models. And this happens only when they make a difference. And Gigi does make a difference. She is a healthy, happy, hard-working 20-year-old girl, living her life to the fullest and having fun with her girlfriends; in my opinion, the perfect icon for the young generation. Sure, her mom is the former model and TV socialite, Yolanda Foster and her dad is the millionaire real-estate developer, Mohamed Hadid, BUT do you have any idea how many children have famous and wealthy parents and we know nothing about them? Hundreds, at least! Don't get me started...

Let's give her the credit that at this young age her name is more famous than that of her parents, she has managed to walk the shows of the most well-known designers in New York, Paris, Milan and London, she has booked contracts with huge brands like GUESS and Maybelline NY and her star is still rising.

Some people just can't handle that. So, the only thing they could find to hurt her was her weight, since she is not the super skinny model type that we are used to the last 30 years. But Gigi would never let that fall. She picked up the glove and I am sharing what she had to say to her haters and I declare that I am fully supportive of her and all the girls and boys that will not go with the flow just for some weirdos to like them. Because, dude/lady, you really have issues if you think Gigi is fat!

You tell them Gigi! I got your back ;)

|barefoot duchess|