Reds Collection x ESSIE

My Quote, according to the essie quiz: "Never Be Afraid of Color"

Couple of days ago I was invited by Essie Greece to find out which red out of six (!) was the one for me: Bordeaux / Limited Addiction / A-List / Forever Yummy / Aperitif / Really Red

The fun part was that I had to take a quiz first! I love quizzes, tests and all these easy ways to find out more about yourself, especially when this involves beauty and fashion!

According to the What's Your Red? quiz by Essie there were 4 questions I had to answer from a multiple choice:
1. Dream Outfit: little black dress, what else!
2. Favorite Shoes: heeled sandals, I like them better than pumps or ballerinas
3. Accessory Obsession: precious clutch - I think I have 50...
4. Favorite Quote: Never be afraid of color - I sure am not!

And the winner is... (drum-roll) Forever Yummy!

The color matched perfectly with my skirt and my lipstick! Of course, I didn't do it myself... a lovely girl from Fairynails was assigned for the mission!

All 6 colors are perfect for the Holiday season! Do the quiz below and I am sure you will find yours too!

|barefoot duchess|

I am wearing "Forever Yummy"

Me with Athina (center) from ESSIE Greece and Christina (left) from Lemoncake Wardrobe