Beloved Books Becoming Films // Gone With the Wind

I read the book and watched the movie in my early teens, very close to each other but I can't remember which happened first. One thing is for sure, I was swooned by both!

However, if I had to choose, I would go for the movie... I know, this might sound superficial to you, but Vivien Leigh is the winner here. She gave life to a fictional character, a very obnoxious but beautiful woman whose stubbornness and bad attitude helped her go through the civil war but also difficulties that somewhat she created herself! To me, she is one of the best actresses of all time (no exaggeration here), with her great acting skills and divine looks she definitely wins the "race".

Last thing I would like to point out and let you see the photos I picked for this post is that I noticed that it's been 76 years since the movie was released (1940 that is!) and no word or attempt to remake it. Who would dare, I then ask myself. There was a mini 4-episode TV series named "Scarlett" based on the book of the same name written by Alexandra Ripley as a sequel. I read the book and watched the TV-series, but both were mediocre compared to the originals. In my opinion, the sequel book did not embody the depth of the characters and casting of the movie was a disaster. After Vivien Leigh anyone picked to play Scarlett is actually a bomb that can blow up on your face... And it did, at least that's what I think. Well, "fiddle dee dee"

Have you watched the movie and/or read the book? What about the sequel?
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The movie's poster

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A very old cover of the book