Baroque Bouquet

Coat // Harris Mitsiopoulos Couture, similar here 
Haircomb // ZARA, similar here
Shoes // Thomas (handmade), similar here
Clutch // Vintage, similar here
Top // ASOS (old), similer here

I never was very fond of jacquard. I thought of it as a "heavy" fabric, since I am more likely to wear soft and flowy clothes. However, growing older, I realized its beauty and unique way of making a statement. Sure you cannot wear it for an errand to the grocery store, it is more of a fabric that you wear at the Opera, but you can always dress it down and wear it for a night out, a dinner or a special occasion like a birthday party or as a wedding guest. Your outfit looks expensive and polished and you feel like a million $$$, you can trust me on that one, haha.

Is there a fabric or a style that you grew up to like?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke