Le Grand Balcon

Dress // Rococo, similar here
Blazer // Rococo, similar here
Clutch // Alexi Andriotti, similar here
Shoes // DIY (post coming soon)

This is by far the most beautiful and biggest balcony I have ever seen. You can go too... Anyone can!
It is in the entrance of the National Garden in the very heart of Athens!

We picked a special place to shoot a special outfit. Perfect for weddings, parties or a dinner with your beau either it is your anniversary, his or your birthday or even a special evening to a fancy restaurant he's been planning for quite some time (he might propose, you never know, be ready). A gorgeous LBD paired with a statement blazer (leopard print is one of my favorite), a cute (matching or not) purse and a pair of gorgeous heels can work for any special occasion.

I am preparing a quick and simple DIY post on how you can recreate those heels. They are inspired by a pair of Jimmy Choos! Stay tuned.

Have fun and look gorgeous!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by Denia Kokoroskou
*Special thanks to Alex Antoniadis aka Zizanius