Hawaiian Tropics

Dress // ZARA
Bag // ZARA
Shoes // ZARA Home (old), similar here
Belt // H&M (old), similar here
Flower // H&M, similar here

Hawaii has been on my list with places to travel ever since I saw the movie Pearl Harbor (starring Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett) back in 2001. At that time I was living in Guildford, 45 km southwest of London, doing my MSc in the University of Surrey. Apart from the historic aspect of the film and the love triangle, I was overwhelmed by the landscapes and of course the Hawaiian 40s women's fashion. Couple of years later, LOST was broadcasted and - despite the stupidest ending of a TV series in the entire Universe - Hawaii went higher on my bucket list.

After 15 years is still not ticked away, but I keep on dreaming that some day I will be sharing photos with you from the Hawaiian tropical beaches. For now, a beautiful dress helps a lot to keep up the spirits!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke