Elizabeth Olsen in Glamour Magazine - March 2012

Elizabeth Olsen is my favorite up and coming actress and fashionista! She is featured in the March 2012 issue of Glamour UK. The younger Olsen sister posed for a stylish photoshoot showing the "Spring's breeziest fashions" while giving a fashion-focused interview.

On her many stages of personal style:
"I've gone through different stages of fashion. I went through a second-hand-only phase when I was 16. Then I only wore long skirts and cardigans at 18."

On her current fashion preferences:
"I like wearing clothes that look quite put-together. Shirts buttoned all the way up, fitted trousers."

On her most extravagant purchase of a Marni coat:
"I was obsessed with Marni, so every birthday and Christmas, my parents would give me gift certificates and I would save them up. To this day, it's my favorite purchase."

On leaning on her sisters to look better:
"I've always borrowed from my sisters, but more now as I have more occasions to go to. They've promised to make me a dress if I get to go to any huge award shows this season."

Images and interview quotes via Gossip Center
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