Low Budget Bridal Dresses // Spring 2012

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Most of us are experiencing the unpleasant consequences of the Global Financial Crisis that started in 2008. Many people have lost their jobs, their homes, many have migrated to other more prosperous countries, such as Australia and Canada, to work and make a better life for themselves and their families. It is a very sad situation that creates instability, stress and fear for the future.

However, that does not mean that life has stopped. Not at all! People are still creating families and are still getting married and have babies. May is the month that the Wedding Season begins. Fear not my ladies!! You don't need to spend a fortune to a dress that you will wear for a couple of hours and never again in your lifetime. The high-street retailers have some very beautiful alternatives for you that you can still wear after the big event. Besides, it is not a custom anymore for the wedding dress to pass over to the next generation, so keep it affordable and wear it again!

The Romantic Bride: Tulle flower gown with slim shoulder straps, long pleated skirt and a (seamless) zip back closure in petal pink (by Mango)

129.99 EUR (find it here)

Suggested Hair and Shoes: Buffon updos, simple or with huge flowers and headbands and petal pink shoes to match with the dress. A girl can dream...

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The 1920s Inspired Bride: Embroidered tulle maxi dress with lace details in ecru (by ZARA)

99.95 EUR (find it here)
Suggested Hair and Shoes: All inspired by the 1920s, loose curls, tiaras and headbands on hair with bows and straps on shoes. For a 100% travel in time!

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The Modern Bride: One piece dress with multi-layered raffles from the waist down in light grey (by H&M)

349.00 EUR (find it here) - image via here
Suggested Hair and Shoes: Wet hair low bun with white pearls, milkmaid braided updo or an extravagant hairstyle with silver shoes to match the light grey dress.

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