Athena // Greek Mythology

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When I was little, just before bedtime, I head stories, not about princesses, dragons, wolves and evil witches, but about Gods and Goddesses. Yes, I was raised and nurtured with Greek mythology, that my dad used to read me and my brother Aris. Athena was one of my favorite. According to the myth, she was one of the Twelve Gods of Olympus, the daughter of Zeus, who was born out of his head, Goddess of wisdom, civilization and justice. Athens, Greece's capital city, was named after her, the most famous ancient Greek temple in the world, Parthenon, was dedicated to her and she was the protector of famous warriors, like Achilles and Ulysses.

I still consider knowledge of higher power than wealth or beauty and this is the reason why I will never stop learning and evolving until my heart stops beating. The ultimate wisdom relies to the realization that one doesn't know and never stop searching for the truth.

You can read more about Goddess Athena here.

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