From Where I Stand // Photo Diary

Heels by Once Upon A Shoe

Aka #fwis, also called shoefie (shoe-selfie), is one of my favorite hashtags to shoot for my Insta feed. You have to do it yourself, because this is the right way to do it, and it's the cutest and most fun way to tease your upcoming outfit or a look you had no one to take a full body picture of you (no, I don't ask strangers to take my photos, I find it weird).

Most of the times I am planning to shoot a shoefie the tiles/ground/marble/grass I am standing on look ugly or very dirty, but there are a few times that I get lucky. It is nice to look up, at the sky, the buildings, people's eyes, but sometimes looking down might be as pretty, not to mention it can save you from stepping on something very nasty...

|barefoot duchess|

Photos via my Instagram

Sneakers from Stradivarius, similar here

Shoes from ASOS

Shoes by Sante Shoes, similar here

Shoes from Tsakiris-Mallas, similar here

Shoes from H&M

Shoes by Once Upon A Shoe

Shoes from H&M, similar here

Shoes from ASOS, similar here

Shoes from H&M, similar here

Shoes from Stradivarius, similar here