Robe d'Ivoire

Dress // CHICWISH (also in white)
Shoes // Nelly
Bag // Zara
Earrings // Marks & Spencer

The color ivory, cream and beige included, was not always in the "favorites" category for me. When I was in my 20s and early 30s I thought all those off-white shades made me look paler than I already am and that instantly made them kinda boring and banned from my closet. However, growing up and figuring out my personal style, I realized that makeup and the right accessories can do magic to a not-so-colorful outfit.

If you have been following me long enough it's no secret that I have been investing heavily in raffia bags and accessories for the last 3 years; I am the proud owner of almost 20 bags of all sizes, 5 hats and a couple of other accessories, like earrings and a fan, made of this natural material. I find it so elegant and exotic at the same time, as if I am on a luxurious cruise on the Nile River! So Agatha Christie, right? I am a big fan of detective and mystery books and movies with a touch of old glamour and I am so excited for the new installment of Christie's "Death on The Nile" coming in 2020. Can't wait to see the costumes! I bet there will be plenty of ivory dresses, what do you think?

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke