The Makeup Diaries // Vol.2


I own a couple of makeup products that I love and wear almost daily, but quite often completely forget about them when I buy new ones... Can you relate? 

Couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out my makeup stash (I do that quite frequently, almost every 2-3 months), when I found (and remembered) some loved ones that I had completely forgotten and, thankfully, most of them hadn't expired. Among them were some of the products I am wearing for the makeup look of the photo (above), for which I would like to share with you the reasons why I like them so much.

☆CONCEALER | Benefit Boiing Cakeless Concealer (Νο4): If it is farfetched to call it "perfect", it is however 100% true that this is the perfect concealer for me. I have also written a dedicated blog post not very long ago and you can read it here. Under my eyes, I have very thin and sensitive skin, fine lines and dark circles. Benefit's Boiing concealer covers the circles without looking cake-y, doesn't crease over the fine lines and, most importantly, doesn't need to be set with a powder! Absolutely Cakeless! I love it! It's now empty, which means that you will also see it soon on my "Makeup Empties", on Instagram. 

☆BLUSH | YSL Couture Blush (06): The ideal blush shade for my skin color, all year round. And you will rightfully ask, how is that even possible? First of all, it has a fine powdery texture, not dusty at all, and the color is buildable, depending on the intensity that you want to give to your makeup look. The packaging is like a jewel, a true ornament. The brush that is inside has never been used, just like any other brush inside any other makeup product I have ever bought. Does anyone actually use those brushes? I find them very inconvenient, too small, too spikey, too not-for-me. I really don't understand why companies produce brushes that are not easy to use and no one uses... I don't buy the product for the brush and its absence wouldn't change my decision to buy it, quite the opposite. This has to stop. Less plastic, less cost. 

☆LIPSTICK | TOO FACED Melted Matte (Child Star): A pastel nude-pink liquid matte lipstick, very similar to my natural lip color, perfect to wear under a face mask since it dries quickly and doesn't go anywhere! I spread it on my lips with a short bristle eyeshadow blending brush, like the Sephora eyes and brows brush No15, for an even and natural look and match it with the Longwear lip pencil by Bell Hypoallergenic in the shade 03

I would love to know your most favorite makeup products, since my shopping list has always space for new items!

|barefoot duchess|

Photo by me, via my Instagram