The amazing style of Ryan Gosling

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During the past couple of years, Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, Blue Valentine, Drive, Ides of March and Crazy Stupid Love are some of his famous films) has grown into the most fashionable man alive! You think I am exaggerating? Check this out >> >>

Casual Sporty: Jeans, tees and comfy shoes

Out and about

Chic Preppy: Sophisticated eye-wear, crimson loafers (must be his beloved shoes), leather jacket and fine pants.

Out and about
At the "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" with his dog George

Athletic Behavior 

Ryan the Trend-Setter

The Pajama style (May 2011, Cannes Film Festival) and the Training Pants (June 2011, MTV Movie Awards)

Cannes 2011: He wowed the crowd with his casual preppy morning looks for the photo-calls (pajama of above picture included) and his colored tuxedos in the evening for premieres and galas

Attending his movie premiers in Non-black Suits

Sleek and Shiny


Accessorizing Large: Leather gloves and blue velvet blazer, Purple jacquard blazer and Red socks!

Ryan can be an inspiration not only for men but for women as well. Do you still think I am exaggerating? Didn't think so ;)

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