Too Faced Boudoir Eyes // Review

Although I own more than a few eyeshadows, singles and palettes, there is one that I use regularly: Boudoir Eyes by Too Faced. This palette has 3 triplets of nude and darker shadows named Day, Classic and Fashion perfectly matched for different occasions and styles.

I personally wear Day in a casual day or whenever I want to demonstrate a bold lip, Classic when going to an event or to a dinner with friends, and Fashion when going for a photoshoot or for a very special occasion, like a wedding or a party - to make it short, when going somewhere with the possibility of taking a photo =)

As with all Too Faced palettes, a show-and-tell centerfold Glamour Guide is included with detailed step-by-step instructions on creating three Boudoir Eyes looks. I do appreciate some guidance when putting on makeup! Gosh, I am totally useless...

Too Faced is one of my two top favorite beauty brands at this moment (the other one is Benefit Cosmetics). I am also a big fan of their Shadow Insurance Primer, which I never skip during my makeup routine.

Do you have a favorite palette? Is it from Too Faced? If not, from which one?

|barefoot duchess|

Important Notice: This is NOT a sponsored story. This is my personal opinion and mine only.

Photos via Too Faced