Joy TV "Meet the Fashion Blogger" // Mini-Interview

It's been almost three months (in early March) since I did this mini interview for JoyTv and from a point after I thought that it would never broadcast, since the weather was getting warmer and it would be awkward to wear a trench coat! Although I didn't watch it myself, because I had no idea it was going to air, the interview played last Saturday on SKAI TV!! So today I am sharing it with you too and I hope you enjoy it. Since it is in Greek, I will translate it in English for you:

Hi! I have the blog Barefoot Duchess and my name is Angeliki. My passion is... two: Shoes & Long Hair. On my blog you will find ideas not only on how to wear classic pieces, like the little black dress and the beige trench coat, but also how to embody the latest fashion trends smart and budget-friendly. You will also find ideas on how to copy the style of your favorite Hollywood celebrities, but without spending a small fortune! I don't have a specific style. My style changes according to the occasion and my mood; from romantic to rock, from feminine to strict, from modern to classic. So, accordingly, I choose items that fit my body type, my colors and my personality. Today, I am wearing a black & pastel pink outfit, a classic combination, ideal for transitioning from the cold winter to the beautiful spring. 

Thank you very much Joy! I did enJoy =)

|barefoot duchess|