New In Mascaras // Review

I am obsessed with black mascaras. Currently, I am the proud owner of 6 (...) It's not that I need all of them, one would be fine, but I guess mascaras are something like my beauty vice. I rarely buy other colors than black. My lashes are very fair, almost invisible and to balance that out, I go for the black. Once upon a time, I had a brown, an electric blue & a violet one but none could replace black not even for running errands! That said, in the question Why I needed 3 new black mascaras the answer is: just because...

*Maybelline New York, Lash Sensational*
Why I chose to buy THIS product: This is a newly launched product. I bought this while I went to renew my BB cream and there it was waving at me in the amazing get-to-know-me price of 9.90 euros so I had to give it a shot!
Why I like it: It's a very dark black and with the curved brush I can reach even the roots. My lashes look thick, curled and feathery!
Would I repurchase: Absolutely! It's the best value-for-money mascara I bought the last 5 years!

*Too Faced, Better Than Sex*
Why I chose to buy THIS product: I kept hearing about it, but was always out of stock. This made me even more persistent and then I finally found it.
Why I like it: The result is quite similar to Maybelline's Lash Sensational, BUT with the addition that with the brush you can also work on the details near the corners and the lashes look much longer.
Would I repurchase: It's an amazing product but quite expensive for my beauty budget (approx. 23 euros).

*Too Faced, Size Queen*
Why I chose to buy THIS product: When I saw the brush, I just stopped breathing... I had to get my hands on it!
Why I like it: Actually, I don't... Eventually, size doesn't matter at all and this oversized brush does absolutely nothing to my lashes. The result is like I am wearing a very old mascara that has dried out and for some reason I refuse to replace it!
Would I repurchase: Sorry, but No!

Have you used any of these products? What do you think?

|barefoot duchess|

*Important Notice/ Disclaimer: These are NOT sponsored posts. I have bought the products with my own money and the review is 100% based on my personal experience.

Photos by me via Instagram